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Actor - Filmmaker


      When I was 7 years old my favorite movie was Big Daddy. I sat on the couch for family movie night and watched Adam Sandler teach Cole Sprouse how to read, shoot, and pickup girls. I told my mom thats what I want to do. Not the reading, shooting, and girls, that would come later- I wanted to act. 


      Growing up on sets, film brought true magic and fantasy to my childhood. I’d have to miss school for jobs and auditions but I much preferred playing a wizard, clown, or musician over the role of a student.


      Throughout high school and college I have produced my own projects as a writer, director, and editor. Whether it be on my sets for projects like Flicks or Close Your Eyes, that you can watch here on this site, or projects I’ve crewed that you can watch on the big screen, like Spielberg’s Twisters, I’ve come to regard the filmmaking process as my only understanding of true collaboration; a team with a common passion that can transcend any global, social, or political discrimination because of the mutual understanding that we are working towards something bigger. 


       I am now an Austin based actor/filmmaker ready to learn how to read, shoot, and pickup girls.

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